38 Clean Scandinavian Bathroom Remodel Setup

Are you have plan to remodeling your bathroom?

Bathroom can be made fashionable and beautiful, that’s depend on how you like it. Because everyone have a different taste if it’s come to decoration. Here we gonna talking about Scandinavian style, one most popular style in remodeling bathroom. For a region that spends half the year freezing, Scandinavians sure do love their plants. So embrace your love of greenery in style like interior designer Katie Day, and hang your leafy friends from a wooden ladder above your freestanding bathtub. Select plants with interesting leaves for a unique display.

If Scandinavian style is known for one thing, it’s minimal design and a neutral color palette. Not that a well-placed pop of neon is a Nordic sin — but using unobtrusive shades like Jen from The Effortless Chic did in her guest bathroom will keep your space feeling just as serene as any spa.

Isabell Crouch

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